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About Us

Jagluck-The Tech Teller, The Group of Brands with a Host of Services & hi-tech Digital Products .

Jagluck is a young, goal orientated, focused and value based organisation. We at Jagluck are bringing a brand new wave in innovation, technology & knowledge.



Lead the industries as a global conglomerate with World class brands. Will be the trend setter in the fields we work.


Create opportunities for all, improve millions of lives in the world by innovation, execution support & new technology.

Our Promise

We accept that being originated from India, we have to assist people on the emerging markets on the challenges like schooling , employment, talent improvement and then enhance the earning ability of people around the globe to have a better living standard, making the world brighter ever by giving its younger minds a platform to have a progressive career or a profit making business.

Why Choose Us

Online Education

Infotop® offers the Teachers, Trainers & Academies a complete solution in boosting their own online global image, by building & promoting their Courses, Ebooks & other academic works for learners who intend to add desired values even without spending time on a routine basis. Corporates add a lot of values in their employees and again attract employees by providing on the job training as well for a definite better productivity. Learners get instant results of improvements in their skillset whether it’s for skill development, career oriented courses or test preparation, in all fields. This platform makes them future ready.visit us www.infotop.in

Digital Evolution

Businessea® offers its customers a single window online platform to search and buy all categories of digital products for business enhancement & productivity. a complete marketplace for software, images, logos ,templates ,themes, plugins, websites etc. . For vendors, professionals & service providers, it can be one of the biggest platform to showcase and promote their self-created soft products to the whole world. this will be a complete marketplace for creative designers & developers .We promote innovative creations related to technology. For more information visit us - www.businessea.com

Market reaserch support

Patentseo.net® offers online MARKET RESEARCH services for ONLINE enterprises to get a clear understanding of the FUTURE of the new opportunities at local & global markets. Provide complete solution on SEO, SMO in finding ways to drive own competitiveness with a big scale SWOT analysis of the online competition brands. Support to have a clear vision for taking decisions & making strategies to achieve the objectives. Offer complete solution for new online start-ups and entities who want to improve their online presence. Visit www.patentseo.net

Creativity unleashed

Createlane® develops ideas into great creations & in the form of MODERN ONLINE BUSINESS websites. Creates portfolio , resumes online resumes for getting online presence. Here one can create websites, create promo images and promo videos for improving one’s online business presence. Be No1 in online business in the digital era. Visit www.createlane.com

Building communities

Cogoal® offers new generation online services to all who seek an instant service or who want to offer a service on an online platform. One can find B2B services and B2C services both and provide that too, we do a best of its kind online listing services for service providers and professionals to gain best visibility in the web .The bidding service in Cogoal is going to be the one of the best in the online freelance job provider industry. Restaurant, Hotels, Jobs search, matchmaking and doctor appointment services and many more you can get from one app. visit www.cogoal.in

Innovation, creativity ,Support & team work

We in Jagluck.org believe in working on improving the ways of developing right kind of innovation in every sphere of digital business, improving creativity among all the users, clients & our own employees .0